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Embracing the Extra Mile

You’re probably thinking, “Why ‘.love?'”

There have been a lot of times in my life – a lot – when my mom has asked me to sit down in the family room after I’d done something I would categorize as overly caring (admittedly to the point of being dangerous, unhealthy, a little foolish, etc.) and started a discussion with, “I know you have a good heart, but-” 

When I tell others this story, I tell them that there is no, “but.” The comma is a period. Yes, I’m probably going to be the first victim of the next Bundy, but darn it, I’m going to help the guy with his arm in a sling load his canoe onto his car. That’s probably not a sentence I should have written on a professional site, but it doesn’t make sense to be all business and not show the person behind the oddly-pink color scheme.

So, what does this have to with my professional life? I go the extra mile. I care about individuals, of course, but I also care about companies, customers, clients, vendors, partnerships, and everybody’s dogs. I’ve worked hard my whole life to create harmony within and without the organizations that have trusted me with their brands. If you’re a client or customer, I want you to understand the choice you’ve made as a consumer and how that choice impacts you; if you’re a company, I want you to understand what your clients or customers think and expect of you. I want all of you to come together and become comfortable with each other.

And I really want you to send me photos of your dogs.

Ike loves you

(cats are awesome, too)

Goku loves you, but with his claws